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Employee Assessments for People in Automotive Retail

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Assessments in this offering include:


  • Admin Assistant
  • Office Mgr
  • Parts Counter
  • Service Rep
  • Technician
  • Customer Experience


  • F&I Rep
  • Parts Counter
  • Service Sales Rep (Call Center)
  • Technician
  • Vehicle Sales (New and Used Cars)
  • Vehicle Sales Rep (Call Center or Online)


  • Front-Line Supervisor
  • Sales Manager
  • General Manager
  • Department Manager
  • Remote Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • District Manager

The Service assessment measures candidates' competency strengths and weaknesses related to a wide variety of service-related outcomes (e.g., customer satisfaction, service process efficiency, customer loyalty).

The Sales assessment measures candidates' competency strengths and weaknesses related to a wide variety of sales-related outcomes (e.g., sales conversion rates, positive referral, customer satisfaction)

The Leadership assessment measures candidates' competencies related to how candidates demonstrate leadership potential to manage others to success and are likely to respond to leadership-focused training and development efforts.

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