Employee Assessments for People in Automotive Retail

OnDemand Candidate Assessments Include Personality Test for Jobs

Proven Automotive Service, Sales, and Leadership Assessments

This automotive retail assessment solution is scientifically designed and tested to identify and guide the development of competencies possessed by high-performing automotive retail workers and leaders. This assessment targets service, sales, and leadership competencies, including the use of immersive role-playing activities through which candidates respond to realistic, job-related scenarios. The result? An assessment experience that is:

  • Predictive of workplace behavior
  • Quick, with average test times around 15-20 minutes
  • Engaging to candidates and achieves high completion rates
  • Accessible on any device and browser
  • Validated with extensive OEM and automotive retail dealer data in North America and Europe, so you can take action from the assessment results with confidence

The Logi-Serve Science team has conducted numerous case studies with organizations such as Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Hyundai and others. Data clearly show that people who score high on this assessment outperform people who score low in the automotive positions included in this system. There is clear evidence that the behavioral competencies measured in this assessment have strong linkages to performance-related outcomes with service, sales and leadership positions. Learn More ›

Custom Reporting from the Car People OnDemand Job Skills Assessment Predicts Candidate Abilities

Insightful, Actionable Results

See assessment results immediately after the candidate completes the activity. Candidates are evaluated using an overall numerical score and then assigned a classification medal (Gold, Silver, Bronze). Candidate scores are compared to top automotive leaders, making it easier to identify, hire, and develop top talent for these types of positions.

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The Car People OnDemand System Dashboard Houses Your Employment Assessment Test Software System

Administration Dashboard

Once you sign up and check out, you will automatically receive access to an administration dashboard that puts you in control of applying the assessment to prospective new hires or employee development. The system comes with:

  • A record of recent candidate assessment activity
  • An invitation manager for distributing assessments to candidates or employees via email or SMS texting
  • Access to scores and reports
  • A candidate interview guide
  • Helpful, candidate onboarding and mentoring tips, as well as training and development guidance, and much more!

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Learning About the Benefits of Car People OnDemand Pre Employment Assessment Test

Benefits of Your Automotive Retail Assessment System

Your assessment is tailored to fit the automotive retail industry. This customized test is proven to predict employee job fit, performance, and other business outcomes in automotive service, sales, and leadership positions.

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